Los Mangos neighbourhood in Puerto Vallarta

Los Mangos neighbourhood in Puerto Vallarta
Posted on 2019-10-03 | by Poncho

 I had a friend from Canada who moved to Los Mangos area almost 10 years ago or maybe less, when I met her I think our first get together was in the building Las Perlas, located on Los Mangos neighbourhood, my friend Shantel took me there.  My first impression of the area was great;  because it is close to many things that you'll enjoy. I'm sure.


For example, you're too close to parks, perfect for a morning walk, super close to Costco and La Comer one of my favourite grocery stores, close to Los Mangos library, super iconic place in Puerto Vallarta, perfect for learn and arts and have a quiet moment while you practice yoga or perfect for a movie night in that place.  PetCo is close by too, restaurants, pharmacies and excellent connection to different main avenues in Puerto Vallarta. 


Anyway, I think the Los Mangos area is the perfect way to have your dream home or investment property in town, for location and affordable pricing.


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See you around.