Sale your property by yourself or Hire a Realtor?

Sale your property by yourself or Hire a Realtor?
Posted on 2018-12-17 | by Alfonso Dávalos

Last week, one of my colleagues from my office asked me to go with him and visit his new listing and meet the seller, after we tour the property located in Nuevo Vallarta, we talked a little bit about the tax implication he will have and different other topics related with the sale, however something that I found very interesting it was when he told us, when he bought the condo from a private sale, which I think everyone has the right to do whatever works for them, however I think it is not cool to try to convince the other part to do something that will affect them in the future.

Turns that the previous seller told him  "Will be the best for him to put a lower value in the deed for what has been paid, that way he can pay less closing costs, which yes it is true, but he didn't mention to him if he wants to sell the property he will have a higher tax implication.

Honestly; after we left the place I was convinced I wanted to write about this experience and be very punctual about some kinds of stuff that as a seller you need to be aware.

When you buy a property for a private sale, make sure what you pay it is on the deed. 

Hire a reputable Real Estate lawyer, suddenly everyone thinks they can do it, but I think you should do your homework and ask for referrals and experiences, etc.

My previous broker told me once it is for sale by owner it is always a reason.

With this experience, I want you to be aware and share what I saw and if the buyer will accept at the time to let his previous Realtor to be involved in the transaction, I am sure she will not let him do it that way. 

So far, just be aware and if you have any question about the selling process, feel free to contact me, I will be happy to talk to you and guide you.

Have an excellent day. :)