Hey it's me

Hey it's me
Posted on 2020-02-29 | by Poncho


Well, I’m originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, a city located in the North of Mexico. We share a little of border with the USA. I remember when I was a kid, I dreamed about speaking English and I pretended I did while I was playing to pretending I was doing a TV show or a telenovela.

I moved to Puerto Vallarta in 2008 to work in a famous restaurant located in the heart of the Hotel Zone, but after a few months, they noticed I wasn’t so good for the position they told me I was supposed to be in charge, plus I have to admit, I made some mistakes, and they told me I was fired. At the time I remember I cried a lot because I was torn between should I stay in Puerto Vallarta or go back home?

The funny fact was that I thought Monterrey was “home”, which changed over the years. Anyway, as I said I was crying and scared because I didn’t know anyone in this town and I was broke and the landlord asked me for the keys of the place I was living in because they needed it for a Canadian woman who already rented the condo. At the time the girl who was the PR of that restaurant told me, “you should try to make it in Puerto Vallarta, you’re already here, try it, the worst thing is if things don’t go well, you always can fly to Monterrey”. I said “that’s right”; plus I had so much pride in me that I didn’t want to go back to my hometown after a couple of months.

Finally, after I got a job in the hospitality industry as a concierge, I remember I enjoyed the fact of talking to people. I have to confess, my English at the time wasn’t as “polished” as it is now, but we had a lot of tourists from Canada and USA, I had to learn new words and expressions and put in practice what I learned in school.

Then, 10 months later I received an email from my friend Susan, saying something like “I was offered for a job in Puerto Vallarta”; she had already worked and lived in PV but everything happens for a reason, and she had to move back to the States and keep working in real estate, so she told me to go to this job interview. She said, “I’m not planning on coming back to live in Mexico soon”. I went and I got the job as a concierge in a vacation rentals and sales company. I remember I was very happy, it was a new world for me, to discover the city, the buildings, the houses and meet people, arrange tours, activities. One of the best things besides meeting very cool people was the chance I had to do most of the touristic things that Puerto Vallarta has, I think I did five zip lines, many whale watching tours, etc.

Time flies and after some years of experience, they allowed me to start doing vacation rentals at the time at Peninsula Vallarta, Grand Venetian and Icon Vallarta. I used to watch dogs too. I did everything as possible to make it happen.

Then organically the change was already written for me and I got an opportunity to do real estate, do sales. Between you and me: I never imagined I could do it, I was afraid about not having a paycheck, but as we say in Mexico: “el que es perico donde sea es verde”, which means, It doesn’t matter what you do, if you’re good, you’ll make it.

I learned what I know now in that real estate office I spent I think like 6 years. I feel it was like my university, as I told you I learned a lot, how to write an offer, about contingencies, inspections, what an escrow was, the famous trust, to learn how to read a deed, etc. Over there I had the opportunity to be on TV, thanks to HGTV in Mexico Life Show. But sometimes you know when it is the time to fly or make a change, a big one, so I decided to go and work for another real estate office that just opened in town and where I’m working now.

Over the years selling real estate, I discovered how important WE as real estate agents or realtors are to you who want to purchase a house, lot or a condo. Maybe you’re wondering why I’m saying this, well: my client Daphne, a lovely woman who bought her house. After the closing, I took a picture of her on the balcony and behind her was the amazing ocean view and right after I took the picture she said. “Poncho, you made my dream come true, to have a house in Puerto Vallarta. I’ve been coming for 40 years and now I have it and it’s thanks to you”. Obviously, my heart was melting and my eyes were wet.

I decided to do my job as good as I could, to give to each of my buyers or sellers the best experience ever, after that comment Daphne told me I discovered that WE as real estate agents, are part of one of the most important decisions in people’s life.