Having lunch in paradise

Having lunch in paradise
Posted on 2021-08-04 | by Poncho

You must know is that this has been for a while in Versalles area, one of the most desirables areas to live in right now, and this place is part of the Gastronomic road that Versalles offers. 


The restaurant has an outdoor area, and now, for summer, they have an Air Conditioner area; they also do the entire protocols against COVID 19. 


They're open Monday to Sunday from 8 AM to 11 PM, and this delicious place it's located at 137 Francia in Versalles neighborhood. 


My friend ordered a cup of coffee, and it was adorable they serve the regular coffee with animals crackers, which was part of my childhood. 


We were hungry, and we ordered salads; I had a chicken salad with mango vinaigrette, and she had an apple salad; we ordered a green juice and two lemonades; in total, the cost per person was like 190 MNX.


 An excellent place to catch up with friends or meet for a cup of coffee, they also have frappuccinos,  chilaquiles, omelets, bagels, salads, soups, paninis,  desserts, and much more. 


If you're in town and want to try something new or out of the regular plan you have, Natureza in Versalles should be a must to try.