Open House - Villa Balboa

Open House - Villa Balboa
Posted on 2021-09-16 | by Poncho

I drove from my office to the Open House, and if you're not aware, my office is located in the heart of the Romantic Zone. Getting there took me around 11 minutes; the drive was pretty smooth. I drove on the famous and iconic 200 highway. I passed the Hyatt Ziva that if you have guests in town, that is a super recommendable option that they can stay. 


The parking in the house for guests is on the street but don't panic this nine bedrooms house has huge covered parking.


As soon you get into the house, the spectacular ocean view will welcome you; a few steps to your right, you'll find a small yard perfect for your dogs; you'll have a small fish pond in that specific area. 


If you continue, you'll see the elevator that connects the entire house or the stairs, I did the steps, and the first thing I noticed was a beautiful piece of art.


On the "first floor," you'll find the social area that connects with a cute terrace and to the pool, kitchen, and office; this place has fabulous illumination. 


One of the things I found unique in this house is that it has a cinema. Honestly, I don't remember how many people can sit there, but I guess maybe 15 people. 


If you keep going, you'll find the rooms with a romantic view of the Ocean Pacific; the jacuzzis connect through a window with the bathrooms.


Another unique area is the marvelous piece of art and the sitting area located almost on the bottom part of the house that opens to the sky. 


This home is perfect for you. For you, if you're looking to have an investment property in town and why not live there full time.  The asking price for this house is USD 2,699.000. 


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