I want it all

I want it all
Posted on 2022-03-03 | by Poncho

if you don't know, let me explain to you this is an entertainment center in Puerto Vallarta and over 22 years they brought the first show to town. 


My first time over there, I had the chance to interview Miss Coco Peru, then I went to enjoy Amy Armstrong show twice with my pet pig Paco Adobo, this year went to watch Lady Gaga show twice, and yes, I am a Lady Gaga fan. 


Last February, my friend Adriana invited me to The Palm to enjoy the show I want the Freddy Mercury Story show.


Roy Gomez is responsible for bringing back to life Freddy Mercury, the signs live all, he has a group of performers with him, and if you're a Queen fan, you can't miss this show that performs at The Palm Tuesdays at 8 PM and Fridays at 9:30 PM. 


If you want to know more about their current shows, please visit https://www.thepalmcabaret.com/