My affair with Emiliano

My affair with Emiliano
Posted on 2022-12-28 | by Poncho

If you're out and about and feel thirsty, that is an obligated stop and buy one or two coconuts, talk to him. 


Before you jump on the bus to El Tuito or on the beach, get this refreshing appetizer, and if you want something to eat, you must try the baguette place just in front of the coconut guy. 


Emiliano told me that the baguette place offers four or five different baguettes. I choose the bean with cheese one; I am a traditionalist. 


Before I go to sell Real Estate, let me tell you that morning, Emiliano told me to grab some fresh bread for sale at the traditional store on the corner of Aguacate and Carranza.


If you want to find something local such as beans, fresh bread, fresh cheese, and much more, you will find it there; Actually, that store reminds me of my childhood; those stores are pretty standard in the barrios of Mexico. You can find everything. 


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