Epazote Restaurant

Epazote Restaurant
Posted on 2018-12-21 | by Alfonso Dávalos

He invited me to Epazote, maybe the name doesn't sound too familiar to you; well I was surprised because it was inside Vidanta Resort, I always thought they had their restaurants open for their guests, but I was in a big mistake as you know now.

First, getting into Vidanta to the parking  I drove around 10 minutes, then I left my car with the valet parking, after that I had to wait like 10 minutes approx to get the shuttle to take me to Tower 1, where the restaurant is after that took me like another 6 minutes, as soon I got to the main lobby of tower 1, I noticed the big space that the lobby has then the restaurant is over there, we sat inside because was a little chill, I know we are in PV and the weather is not like Canada or the USA. 

I ordered the tasting menu, it was good I was super full, the tasting menu had 6 dishes, I was stuff after the 4th one. I had cauliflower cevice, I had fried octopus, chocolate cake, my experience there was to die for, the ambiance, the background music, and the service; one of the details that caught my eye was the door where that separates the lobby with the restaurant, it was an old treated door, inside they had like 6 tables and outside I don't know. 

I recommend this place to have a nice Mexican dinner, actually, I think I'll define the place as Mexican Contemporary fine dining. for the ambiance, I think it is perfect for a romantic dinner because it is very secluded and private.

You can do your reservations in Open Table or directly on the Vidanta Resort.

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