My affair with Emiliano - Andrey

My affair with Emiliano - Andrey
Posted on 2023-03-21 | by Poncho

I was impressed by his life story, and he started to work as a waiter in quinceaneras when he was 14. He said he always liked to work because he wanted to have his things. His grandfather was a waiter at private events, and he brought him to work with him. Then he started to work in a hotel when he turned 18 in a restaurant too. 


During the time we talked, he shared with me that his mom has my exact age. I told him OMG! I can be your dad; he said yes, and he passed away during the pandemic around the world.


I like to get my haircut with him because first, he is good at what he does, and he has life goals; for example he wants to study in Canada and improve his English; I remember at the age of 23, I was baffled of what I wanted to do with my life, and this kid seems he is very independent and he is a goal-oriented. 


If you are out and about Olas Altas and need a haircut, you can book an appointment with Andrey at Barber and Booze; he is very talented and knows what he does. I have to confess when I met him, I was worried about how he would perform cutting my hair because I saw him and he is super young, but trust me was a perfect move.