Should I buy plants

Should I buy plants
Posted on 2023-03-27 | by Poncho

I decided to get some plants, the deal was to determine what type of plants, bougainvillea, are lovely, but the flowers made a lot of chaos, maybe a ficus tree? 


So I had a lot of plant names in my mind, so I decided to drive to Shalom Nursery, located on the corner of Francisco Villa Avenue and Los Tules Avenue, super close to the famous La Comer and Costco.


When I got there, I felt in paradise, I wanted to purchase the Naranjo tree, but it was a little pricy, they helped me to decide on which plant I should have. I was surprised to find out if the plants would need a lot of sun or shade. So I bought gardenias plants and others named cow feet. 


I am not that handy, so they helped me to put my plants in the pots; I would say between the plants, and the banks, I spent like 4,500 MXN, my terrace looks beautiful, and yes, I am one of those guys who talks to his plants. 


Shalom Nursery is open from Monday to Saturday. Want to know more about them, follow them on Facebook: