My Affair with Emiliano - Visiting a Clinic

My Affair with Emiliano - Visiting a Clinic
Posted on 2023-04-25 | by Poncho

Like a year ago, I felt that something wasn't right. I started researching where to go, and I was clear about not going directly to the Emergency Room. Let's say it was a male health condition that I had. 


Then I found this male clinic that I remembered since I moved here; they were advertising as the Male Clinic on the Radio, I made my appointment, and Doctor Lopez Cueto was my doctor. He ordered me to get an ultrasound, and after meeting him, all was good. 


You may be wondering why you are sharing this Poncho. Well, I have a friend that had a urinal infection. We went to the Emergency Room, but he wanted another opinion, and I told him about ANKU, the Male Clinic, and my experience. 


When we arrived, my friend asked me to go to the doctor's office and translate, but guess what? The doctor spoke English and Portuguese to him, and he was able to check him and send him to do some studies. 


The bottom line is that I know this clinic is not located at the Emiliano Zapata, and this column is about my romance with Emiliano. But, still, I think it is essential, as gays, we have this male clinic that they can check on us. 


I didn't know 1 in 3 guys can have prostate cancer. Their treatments are Testicular Cancer, Premature Ejaculation, Prostate Cancer, Erectile Dysfunction, and nephrolithiasis.  


Here is their contact info: (322) 2 25 11 83|