My Affair with Emiliano - Laundry Service

My Affair with Emiliano - Laundry Service
Posted on 2023-05-02 | by Poncho

Where I live, it is a bustling street, and I can guess what time it is when the buses stop passing, when they start, or when people are leaving the nightclub and on their way to get home. So far, I have heard a fight between two guys just once. 


If you are out and about Zona Romantica, you will notice the most: Pharmacy. ( aka farmacias, not farma-cia :). ) Real Estate Offices, Massages, and Laundry Services.  


By Jacarandas and Basilio Badillo, it is this place on the corner where they don't wash your clothes. They also have this tennis shoes cleaning services. The basic service starts at 100 MXN to 250 MXN; preparing your tennis shoes will take around four days. 


This laundry is open from 10 AM to 7 PM, Monday to Saturday. 


Before, I felt more comfortable doing my laundry, but lately, it is great to leave your clothes and have them all folded and smell good. 


Anyway, given it a try, that laundry is located over Basilio Badillo and Jacarandas street. 


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