Bonito Kitchen, authentic and original Asian cuisine in Puerto Vallarta

Bonito Kitchen, authentic and original Asian cuisine in Puerto Vallarta
Posted on 2019-02-02 | by Poncho

This cute and casual restaurant specializes in Asian dishes, mainly Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese, with classic recipes completely modernized by the mastermind behind Bonito Kitchen, the renowned and award-winning American Chef Soleil Ho.

Among its most outstanding dishes is Phở, one of the signature dishes of Vietnamese cuisine based on beef broth, rice noodles and fine herbs, with a mix of very bold flavors that will make you fall in love with it.

Another highlight at Bonito Kitchen is Ramen, a classic Japanese dish, noodles served in a broth based on meat, miso and soy sauce, accompanied by side dishes such as pork or seaweed. The version at Bonito Kitchen comes with a twist that will for sure surprise you. The excellent menu of this restaurant in Puerto Vallarta also includes other oriental delights such as Bao, different rolls, the great wontons or some dishes with Kimchi, the famous Korean preparation.

In addition to delicious food, be sure to try their surprising and original signature cocktails. Some with berries, such as La Bonita, Blue Lavender or Lychee Martini, others based on citruses, such as Pink Martini or Mi Amigo; or for the most daring something spicy like Frida or Jalisco Martini.

Bonito Kitchen is located on Avenida de Los Tules 325, in an up-and-coming neighborhood where you can find modern restaurants, services, schools and parks.


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